Who runs this site?

This site is an experiment in biomedical education run by Dr James Moffatt   The site design and the database holding everything together (AKA Natalie's Mainframe) is by Edward Humphries.

What experiment?
The experiment is to see if by collaboration with clinical academic partners, we can embed both basic physiology teaching and early clinical teaching within a common environment.  The idea is that the site should be interesting and useful to students at all levels of their education. The style is similar to case-based or problem-based learning, but surrounds the personal accounts of a junior doctor coping with acute medical practice.

How do I use the site?
However you like, that's the point.  Anyone studying human physiology in a medical or biomedical degree should find Natalie's adventures interesting on some level.  Some suggestions:

  1. Early years students should concentrate on the Basic Knowledge tags.  These explain the basic features of the case and lead to notes on physiology that should aid your understanding.  By all means follow the Clinical Knowledge tags if you are interested and have the time, but you will probably find that this material isn't examinable at your level.
  2. Later years students can use the  Basic Knowledge if they need to brush up on basics, but are probably more interested in the Clinical Knowledge tags which link to clinical aspects of the cases and the guidelines for diagnosis and management.
  3. There are probably a lot of students who don't fit into either category and should click and read as they see fit and find things useful.
Who is Natalie?
Whoever you want her to be.  She's a junior doctor in her Foundation Years of training (years 1 and 2 after graduating in the UK).  She got stuck in a time-warp trying to use dodgy coins in the coffee machine outside the renal unit. 

Roll of honour of contributing clinicians:
Dr Natalie Silvey Concept development
Dr Georgia Tunnicliffe Emily & Jack
Dr Louise Ross Lisa & Barry
Dr Shashank Sharma Mr Khan & Rebecca
Dr Jacqueline Simms Mrs James
Dr Lucy Pickard Catherine
Dr Iain Sim Abigail
Dr Charlotte Adams Mr Clarkson